My Recon: Content Audit

Whoohoo!! You’ve got your content prioritization audit and VIP member login. Let’s do this!

Welcome Reconalist!

Wondering what to do first?

Download the New Member Checklist below and then click the video to the right to get started.

1. Watch Orientation Videos

Make sure you watch the orientation videos below. The three-video series is short with core strategy you will need. 

First, watch How to find hidden traffic you are neglecting without being an expert, or knowing SEO.

It’s a quick 3-part video series with key strategy you need to know before you get started.

2. Read Audit PDF

Second, read the audit user manual {PDF} you downloaded.

To recap…

  • Content Audit Spreadsheet ~ list of URLs, ordered by priority
  • Content Audit User Manual ~ how to carry out tasks for URLs

You’ll need both audit files as they go hand in hand. However, it’s the user manual that will empower you with a clear direction.

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself by reading audit user manual {PDF} and glancing over your spreadsheet you, might be wondering “how to get started?”

That’s completely natural.

Download and read your Audit user manual.

Now you are ready to go to the foundation videos.

3. Foundation Videos

Click on the links below to be taken to the foundation information with bonus videos.

Step 1: What is the Purpose {start here}

Step 2: About Your Spreadsheet

Step 3: Organize Your Spreadsheet

Step 4: Action Plan

That’s really all you need to know.

Now that you’re done watching the foundation videos you scan stop here or continue on to more bonus content.

It’s completely up to you. Go at your own pace. {knuckle bumps}

Want a Little Extra Help?

If you have a question or want some trips & tricks using Google Drive then we’ve got you hooked up! Click the links above for Q&A on frequently asked questions regarding the audit, spreadsheet, and strategy.

Priority Bonus Videos:

Step 5: {optional} Continue on if you want step-by-step specifics on each priority. I hold your hand {so to speak} and give you further details along with tips and tricks and advanced strategy.

You know we aim to please and really want your business to succeed.
We are so excited for your new found opportunities to grow!

Advanced Tips & Tricks:

Step 6: {optional} The following additional bonus content is for advanced users who just love SEO strategies and challenging themselves. It’s optional strategies and our gift to you.

As always consider your specific topics, user experience, brand messaging and do what you feel is best for your business. {high fives}

~ Reconalist Team

P.S. Just a heads up, Reconalist is purposely not indexed and members are only accepted on a referral basis from clients. Space is limited for quality assurance. So be sure to use your affiliate link so we can pay you but more importantly so your friends can be accepted into the program.