How Do I Verify This is Right?

Great question.  This data might be different than what you see in your Google Analytics because we don’t have access to that information.  {on purpose} That’s what we’re doing different from other consultants – we want to see how your site is seen from the outside … not how “you see yourself”.

We combine several sources of data to see what the Google and other search engines might be seeing.  Then, we combine and correlate results from differing sources. We push it through our own algorithm which combines what Google has confirmed to rank, what the most credible SEO experts think, and our 12 years expertise with the trends. Then, Laurie works her magic … she pours over the results looking for things only a (great, experienced) human knows what to look for and check.

We take an “outside-in” view. We don’t ask for any analytics information or credentials. Our unique algorithm and and Laurie’s hands-on analysis of your content-focused data, will uncover insights that are unlikely to show up in tools like Google Analytics.

What Data Do You Use?  Your content audit is created by combining search engine data with several other indexed sources to give you a better understanding of how your site is performing from a search engine’s perspective. You already have Google Analytics for free so you don’t need to pay us for those statistics.

Our own algorithm!  We created our own algorithm for an algorithm. Yep we have combined Google confirmed, what experts think, and our own 12 years of experience having high traffic sites and created our own algorithm which prioritizes opportunities for growth.

There is no such thing as “100% accuracy” when it comes to SEO – anyone who tells you otherwise is … well, not us. But, we do know that these results will give you a better understanding of why your site – and particular content, is performing the way it is. And, help you determine your content strategy moving forward.

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~ Reconalist Team