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Different Ways To Use It

One place for all your content, data, marketing, products, and editorial calendar. Check out all the different ways you can use your content audit to create data driven growth strategies for your business.

The main purpose for the content audit is to organize all of your published content into an editorial calendar by month. This way, you only focus only on posts for the current month.  However, there are many ways you can use sort your data now that it is all in one place for easy sorting.  

Ways To Use It?

How you proceed, is entirely up to you. After you place your order and receive your audit, you can go in order of priority, skip what you already know, and even jump to the end and go straight to the Quick Start Guide.

Also, feel free to use your audit anyway you’d like to! That’s the beauty of organized information… you can do anything you want or nothing at all. {wink} If you’re interested, here are some ideas on how we use the content audit for our sites.

Different Ways to Use Your Audit:

  • Editorial Calendar for Published Posts {sort by month}
  • Best Content by Influencers {sort by linking domains}
  • Best Content by Readers {sort by shares}
  • Series Post Ideas {sort by category}
  • Roundup Post Ideas {sort by category}

These are just a few quick ways you can view your data and take out the guess work on what you should be doing with your old content for this month and what to write about next.

Leverage Your Evergreen Content:

  • Use the “Evergreen” column so you can distinguish what you should be amplifying every month. 
  • Assign a month to your evergreen content. 

By assigning evergreen content, you can quickly sort to make sure all your priority posts are assigned a month for feature and are being amplified socially as often as possible. 

One of the most common mistakes with evergreen content is that it can be forgotten to be spotlighted in newsletters and socially if it's not being sorted seasonally.  So make sure every evergreen post has a specific month assigned to be updated, featured, and amplified.

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