How Do I Protect Myself?

Another great question. The best way to keep your content safe is to protect your Priority #1, Priority #2, and “highest page view” posts.  You can protect them by not editing them more than once a quarter and socially amplifying them as often as possible. 

Hopefully you have already updated your top 50 posts and added them to a Priority #3 {if they were assigned a lower number}.

Protecting your top content really is the most important thing.  However, here are a couple other quick tips:

  • Don’t follow the trends
  • Think long-term
  • Edit from a brand-new reader perspective

Many people think that SEO strategies are constantly evolving and coordinate with each Google Algorithm update.  However, my experience with 12 years of blogging is that is not the case.  The fundamental purpose of SEO has always remained the same… to give the reader the best experience on the site, valuable content, in a way they can quickly consume it. 

Don’t try to game the system with the latest trends or changing your CSS… because you’ll just have to undo it in a year from now.  Stick with what works on your site, be yourself, and follow our Anatomy of a Blog Post template using your own experience and intuition of what will work for your specific reader demographic.  We expect you to do what works for you!  {high fives}  Always keep your users in mind and you will be just fine.

** Disclaimer:  As with all our recommendations, these are simply suggested guidelines and should not be construed or interpreted as concrete confirmed search engine algorithmic procedure.