Priority #1: Amplify Socially

This is your best content. Great job!

These posts either appear within the first page of Google search results (rank 1-10) for the given keyword or generate most of your traffic.  Which is why they are ranked a “1” in the “Priority” column in your spreadsheet. 

Priority #1 explained in under a minute.

Estimated Time:  Short

Content Strategy:  Our recommendation is to not make any changes to post.  No need to fix what’s not broken.

Make sure you’ve added these to your editorial calendar as many times as possible to repost, amplify socially, and update in a year from now. 

If you are comfortable with SEO and want an action item, focus on increasing the number of backlinks {unique domains linking}.   

Why?  Links are still the biggest component of Google’s ranking algorithms.  Specifically, “unique linking root domains” as they are link “votes” for your site.  Backlinks are catnip to Google – the more quality backlinks you have, the better.  The Benefits of Backlinks: What are they and what do they mean for SEO?

Why I suggest you leave these alone, for now.

To Do:

  • Add these to your editorial calendar to republish and amplify.
  • If they are evergreen amplify as often as possible.
  • Write series posts on these topics.
  • These posts also don’t need a lot of internal links. Use that real estate for other posts you are trying to get to rank.
Why series posts are great for rank and user loyalty

Indexing Tip:  Another good strategy is to consider doing a series of 3-4 posts that take the reader a little deeper into this topic.  You’ll be able to internally link them together and they will support each other as well as give the reader what they’re looking for with Search Task Accomplishment.

Plugin Tip: If you have old posts you can re-vamp, I would do that before starting a new post from scratch and republish using the WordPress Revisionize plugin. Note: one of my clients had a hard time with this plugin so please upload it into a dev environment before going live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does Priority #1 mean I have to do those things first? Or are the priorities just grouped to include similar items?

A1: Both. Priorities are grouped to similar actions “to do”. The priority is also ranked according to what has the highest potential to rank higher. However, it’s your data and you can do whatever you want in whatever order you want.

Q2: If I change the month column to include the name of the months instead of the numbers, will that hurt anything?

A2: Nope. Just be consistent so the spreadsheet can sort it properly.

Q3: For the 1’s how many times a year do you actually republish those on the blog?

A3: I wouldn’t suggest republishing any post more than four times a year… republishing like putting on RSS feed. However, it’s your content to do whatever you want to. {wink}

If you post it too often then your loyal readers will get annoyed. On the flip side if you don’t give it enough attention then your new readers won’t ever see it. So do what feels natural to you and cohesive to your business strategy.

Here’s the thing, anything that feels like spamming Google or gaming the system could hit a penalty algorithm. So keep it white hat. Also, you don’t want to work too much on any one post. Use your time for your over-all strategy.

** Change Log. The following updates have been made to this Priority:

  • Rank 1-10 {previously 1-20}
  • Traffic % added