Lessons Learned: Priority #4

One of the things to keep in mind, especially when you are working with low keyword search volume is that sometimes that’s as high as it goes!

Highest Search Volume is Low

Recently I was working on revising a post in my #4 priority and I realized that 8,800 was the highest search volume for that post!

Change Priorities When Needed

Which means that this post is not a priority #4 but now a priority #1. So be sure to change that on your spreadsheet so you can protect these posts.

Tip: One of the reasons we’re clear as to why we put the post in the priority is so you know what you should change and adapt for your specific content.

In the video above, I explain this concept to Becky with Your Modern Family. A huge thanks to her for allowing me to add a snippet of her consult for you to enjoy. She’s amazing.

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