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What To Expect

Here's exactly what you can expect when you order a content prioritization audit from Reconalist.

If you're like me, then you'll want to know what to expect before making an important business decision.  Here's the process and what you can expect.

Step 1. Order Your Audit

First order your content prioritization audit and verify the correct URL for us to process.

Here's a quick screen grab of what to expect in your content prioritization audit spreadsheet.  If you were doing this process yourself, the "before" is what you would find online.

Use your cursor to hover over the image above to see the before and after!  You'll see how ALL DATA tab with all the indexed content that we pulled online.  Notice how unorganized it is, majority have blank fields, and duplicate content. 

The "after" is what we do for you!  The EDITORIAL CALENDAR tab of our audit not only consolidates all this data but our algorithm auto populate these fields for you.  That's not all... there's so much more it can do.  {squeal in delight}

Step 2. Added to the Waitlist

There will be a wait.  Quality control is very important.  Therefore we make sure each one of our audits gets enough time and attention.  Currently there is a 20 business-day wait for new clients.

Once it's your turn on the waitlist, you will receive your personalized results in five business days  We will send you an email with the link to download your content audit.  You will need your Reconalist login to access it.

Step 3. Download and Review

Download and review your audit results in these formats:

  • A detailed report of your published content ranked in order of priority {spreadsheet}
  • Itemization of why so you have a clear understanding of what it’s doing and how to improve {word doc}
  • Bonus resources so you have a clear vision moving forward {membership site}

Your Audit Format

Your Content Prioritization Audit report has been provided in two different formats: a PDF narrative report and an Excel spreadsheet. (If you don’t have MS Excel, see our FAQ.)

PDF Document: For those who aren’t as comfortable with spreadsheets, it also gives you the why, strategy and links to learn from.

Excel Spreadsheet: All your data in the power of a spreadsheet. You can sort your results, hide data, add columns and rows — whatever you want to do.

Your Content Prioritization Audit spreadsheet will have several tabs:

  • Editorial Calendar
  • Content to Create
  • Definitions

Your content audit can be used as a detailed editorial calendar for your published content, in a format you can start using immediately. Every analyzed URL is assigned a priority and recommended changes. Suggestions on what to next, such as what to…

  • Amplify and When
  • Increase Links
  • Minor and Major SEO Tweaks
  • Dropped Rank
  • Find Better Keywords

When you receive your detailed report, you’ll have everything you need. Just to ensure your success regardless of your SEO knowledge level, we’ve included access to 30 bonus videos… if you need it. {high fives} What topics are covered?  Great question. Here’s the purpose of the audit and at the end I added a video example using MarthaStewart.com so you can see an example.

Step 4. Bonus Videos

You’ll also receive full access to the site with over 30 how-to videos. Not that you’ll need them. I just wanted to over deliver to make sure each of my customers are happy and feel they can come back to the site at anytime and find the information they are looking for.

Full Access to Bonus Content:

  • Step-by-Step instruction for each Priority
  • Quick Start Guide
  • SEO Tips and Tricks
  • Anatomy of a Blog Post Template

Your content audit does not come with a consultation because I've created over 30 videos which explains more than you need to know.  As our company has grown we found that clients were asking the same $5 questions during their consultation and we couldn't get to the growth strategies!  We knew that we could give you so much more.  Which is why the videos are perfect for you to watch or listen to anytime and anywhere when it's convenient for you.

Step 5. Import for Your Team

Use your audit as is or import it into a project management system like Trello, Asana, Google Drive, or Airtable to use it with your team.

Step 6. Content to Create

Use the Content to Create tab in your spreadsheet to find what topics you are missing, roundup your own content, create link strategies, and orphaned content.  We have several videos on how and why in the bonus content. 

What are you waiting for?  Order your content audit here.

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