The SEO Tool Box

We’re Reconalists and believe data is knowledge and knowledge is power! So here are more resources to jump start your journey to empowerment. {high fives}

Tool Box Tips:

1. Install an SEO Plugin.  Your SEO plugin will not only set you up with proper Sitemaps, etc. but will also help guide you through the checklist to optimize a post.  If you have a large site then the Yoast Plugin might be too large and therefore an alternate one that I use is The SEO Framework

Yoast Settings:

  • Enable Breadcrumbs
  • Activate Redirection Plugin through Yoast
  • Under “Social” and “Accounts” fill-in all your SMO Profiles

To limit Your crawl budget for larger sites, consider doing the following in Yoast.  {optional & aggressive}

  • Under ARCHIVES choose “noindex” for AUTHOR ARCHIVES
  • Under TAXONOMIES choose “noindex” for TAGS and CATEGOREIS
    • TAGS “noindex”, CATEGORIES “open”.
  • Remove all “noindex” Taxonomies from Sitemap

2. Increase Your Site Speed.  Since this is one of the few confirmed ranking factors from Google it’s important.

3. Make Your Old Content Work for You (Again): Don’t let valuable, relevant content stagnate. Use it!

Install the WordPress Revisionize  plugin immediately! Using this plugin, you can easily make a copy of a post, make changes and SCHEDULE OUT publication. You get “new content” by reworking “old content”, so you’re not starting from scratch. You can tweak the content adding bullets, Q&A, ranked lists, and other formatting that searchers love. PLUS – you just schedule the re-publication so it goes out when most relevant — and takes a little bit of work out of that busy editorial calendar!

* Please Note:  I have had one client who had issues with this plugin.  So our recommendation is to test it out on a dev server before you go live.  I’ve not been successful in finding an alternative.

4. What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt Your Rank. Post rank is penalized for… 

  • Spam comments. Delete them, yes, that includes “permanently deleting” all trash and spam comments in those folders as well.
  • Broken links, incorrect redirects, or low quality, and duplicate content will often cause Google to miss pages or ignore them completely.
  • Your posts with zero links to it.  Make sure you have inbound links to all your best content ~ don’t go overboard that’s bad too. 
  • Frames are very bad for SEO. Avoid using them unless necessary.

SEO Resources:

In case you’d like a quick list of all the SEO advice we link to here in the different priorities, here’s quick list via topic.

The Power of Analytics!

Context ~ Keyword Research

Keyword Research ~ Moderate to Advanced:

On-Page Strategies

Content ~ Writing For User Intent

Republishing Old Posts

Republishing ~ Moderate to Advanced

A/B Testing:

Ranking Factors

Non-Desktop Related Ranking Factors:

Internal & External Links

External Links ~ Backlinks

Social Media

Google Algorithm

Note: We will continue to add and remove links from this list.