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Basic versus Advanced Audit?
22 Jun

Basic versus Advanced Audit?

A quick breakdown of the difference between the BASIC and ADVANCED content audit.

We have officially launched the ADVANCED version of our content audit!  With so many new features it's almost unrecognizable.  A huge thanks to our clients for taking the time to give us such helpful feedback.  We have incorporated your needs and wishlist in the advanced content audit.

#1. Basic Version

The basic content audit is simple and only focuses on one thing, what posts have the highest opportunity to rank.

The basic audit is for those who only what to know what posts they should update and when to increase their traffic.  Perfect for content creators who already have an editorial calendar, already know their topic gaps, and only want to focus on old content.

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#2. Advanced Version

The advanced content audit includes the basic version and a lot more!  We've calculated important editorial holidays and events as well as populated as many fields for you like categories and trend dates.  

The advanced audit is perfect for content creators who want:

  • a next-level editorial calendar
  • to see their topic gap categories
  • to repurpose their content in different ways
  • to know all trending months for each URL
  • to create a social media amplification calendar which features each URL multiple times 
  • series and roundup post ideas

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Here's a quick screen grab of the differenced to expect between the BASIC and ADVANCED content audit.  Use your cursor to hover over the image above to see the before and after! 

You'll notice the basic version of the audit includes a limited amount of data.

The advanced version of the audit will populate these fields...

  • trend month(s) for every URL
  • editorial dates for Holidays
  • editorial dates for Events and Occasions
  • category, sub-category, and sub-sub-categories
  • evergreen

The ADVANCED content audit has even more custom fields, according to your niche and when applicable:

  • person, age, grade, milestone
  • printable, gift
  • skill set, fabric, material, theme
  • cuisine, course, ingredient

Please Note:  Not all advanced content audits will have all these custom fields as they will be different for each niche and not applicable to all markets.  

We have even gone as far as estimating evergreen content and giving you it's own space so you can maximize your growth use these year-long topics.  {genius}  That's not all... there's so much more it can do which you'll learn about in the bonus content.  {squeal in delight}

What Are You Waiting For?

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