03 Aug

Topic Gap Analysis

New features and functionalities for our content audit include auto populated months to amplify and categories.

We have officially launched the newest version of our content audit!  With so many new features it's almost unrecognizable.  Thanks to excited clients and their informative feedback we have incorporated your needs and elements that will stop holding you back regarding content republishing and repurposing.

The most exciting new feature is our auto populated "month to amplify" field which is calculated by important editorial holidays and events as well as some google trend dates.  

Use your cursor to hover over the image above to see the before and after!  You'll see how the original version of our audit left blank fields that you manually had to fill in.  

Using our sophisticated algorithm, you'll be able to quickly sort and filter every field in the audit now using almost any keyword topic you have written about... and a few others you haven't thought of yet.  

At a glance, you'll be able to see...

  • what topics you have too many of
  • what topics you have to few of {content to create}
  • what topics you have enough content for products, ebooks, workshops, and sales funnels.

We could go on and on... 

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