10 Jan

Audit New Features!

New features and functionalities for our content audit include auto populated months to amplify and categories.

We have officially launched the newest version of our content audit!  With so many new features it's almost unrecognizable.  Thanks to excited clients and their informative feedback we have incorporated your needs and elements that will stop holding you back regarding content republishing and repurposing.

#1. Auto Populated Dates

The most exciting new feature is our auto populated "month to amplify" field which is calculated by important editorial holidays and events as well as some google trend dates.  

Use your cursor to hover over the image above to see the before and after!  You'll see how the original version of our audit left blank fields that you manually had to fill in.  The newest version of our audit has our algorithm auto populate these fields for you...

  • editorial dates for Holidays
  • editorial dates for Events and Occasions
  • Google Trend dates for topics

We have even gone as far as estimating "evergreen" content and giving you it's own space so you can maximize your growth use these year-long topics.  {genius} Even though it's evergreen you'll want to make sure you assign a "month to amplify" if we haven't already done it for you.  This way it's on your editorial calendar for updating, amplifying socially, and re-publishing.

Exactly What Your Blog needs

#2. Auto Populated Categories & Subcategories

Using our sophisticated algorithm, we have also auto populated categories and sub-categories.  You'll be able to quickly sort and filter every field in the audit now using almost any keyword topic you have written about... and a few others you haven't thought of yet.  Keep reading about the custom fields we've added. {giggle} 

At a glance, you'll be able to see...

  • what topics you have too many of
  • what topics you have to few of {content to create}
  • what topics you have enough content for products, ebooks, workshops, and sales funnels.

Use your new categories and sub-categories in conjunction with our other custom fields and you've got some power data at your fingertips!

  • Sort by "external links" to see what topics influencers like the most
  • Sort by "shares" to see what topics readers love and would make great newsletter topics.

We could go on and on... and have in our bonus content. {snicker}

#3. Auto Populated Custom Fields

Since this is just a teaser of what we have to offer, we'll only list a few of the new custom fields that we have auto populated for you. 

These categories are now available in your content audit to sort and filter!  Just imagine all the great new ways you will be able to bring your content to life and reach new audiences! 

  • Seasonal Topics
  • Evergreen Topics
  • Person
  • Age
  • Skill Set
  • Fabric Type
  • Food Categories

We can't wait to discover all the many ways you'll be putting this new data to work for you and enrich your content while helping your clients, customers, and readers.

#4. Interactive Results Page

We realize that not everyone are data nerds like us. {giggle}  Therefore, we've created customized result pages for each client with quick at-a-glance consumption of your indexed data.   It's a fun way to introduce your content data audit especially if you're not accustomed to working in a spreadsheet.  We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of making them for you.

Thank You For Making This Possible!

We are growing fast and are so grateful for our clients!  In fact we are so grateful for them that everyone was given a free version of our new audit to help plan their 2020 Editorial Calendar.  That's right!  A $750 gift, free, as a huge thank you for taking a chance on our new company and referrals.

As an update, we currently have a 20 business-day waiting list for our new content prioritization audits.  The referrals keep coming in... thank you.  

What Are You Waiting For?

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