Audit as Editorial Calendar for Team

Can I set it up as an editorial calendar for my team? 

YES! We want you to.  Your content prioritization audit is the perfect tool to incorporate into your business systems as it can be used as a scoreboard to track your goals and growth.  The audit is also a great communication tool to keep everyone on the same page regarding the same content now that you have everything in one place.

If you have a team, copy and paste your content audit into Google Sheets.  Then invite them to edit so your team can use it as your annual editorial calendar.

Time Tip:  If you’re not actively updating old content, consider only add Priority #1, #2, and #3 into your team editorial calendar. This way you aren’t having your team add old and yucky content into their schedule that they can’t immediately use. 

This video is a super short snippet on why to add columns into your spreadsheet so your team can track URL progress and changes made.

Evergreen Content

  • Assign a month to your evergreen content.  Otherwise it gets ignored.
  • Consider adding a column or category “evergreen” so you can distinguish what you should be amplifying every month.  So you can sort your spreadsheet by evergreen content to make sure it doesn’t get ignored.